Track List:

Decomposing Serenity – Bury Her Bracelet With Love:
Stretch Our Organs With Care
The Skulls Lost
Dont Fart In My Living Room
Pencils In Your Throat
Ouch, My Arm
The Carrots Can Hear Us
Bloody Bracelet In Mud
Rubberband Tease
Flesh Ripping Can Lids
Samanthas Bloody Foot Prints
Coiled Cat Whiskers In My Toe
Alphabet Flesh Soup
Zipper Scars On My Testicles
Attacked By Four Pugs

Crematory Digestor – Maggot Planet:
Forensic Trophies
Entrails To Necropolis
Violent Content
Bloodbath And Arterial Spray
Piss Ritual
Commodial Death
Brain Matter
Marathon Of Death
Reduced To Soup
Fecal Torment
Battery Acid Facial
Apparition Mania

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Dimensões 20 × 20 × 5 cm