Track List:

Swiss Army Knife Surgery
Decorated With Decomposition
Pre-Digested, Re-Regurgitated, Post-Mortal, After-Taste
Corpse Mouth Ashtray
Hooker On A Meathook
Littered With Entrails
Bloody Cum Bubbles Erupting From A Lacerated Throat
Bacterial Insertion
Orificial Expulsion Of Plasmatic Purulence
Warming My Hands By The Cremation Furnace
Sticky Slough Slime
Mold Spore Stomach
Organs Sucked Into A Vacuum Pump
Coughed-Up Remnants Of Cannibalism
Chyme Swamp
Surgically Removed Sarcoma In A Meatgrinder
Frozen Alive Shattered With A Hammer
Bile Flooded Sewer
Stuff The Eyesockets With Maggots
Wormspouring Out From A Storm Drain
Stench Of The Burning Dead
Slashed-Up Cysts Leaking With Pus
Cremated Bag Of Abortions
Prenatal Purulency
An Orgy In Insect Emesis

Streptococcus Pyogenes:
Intro – Human Destroys Human
Experimenting On Resuscitating Totally Decomposed Stiffs In A Morgue At Night
Pathological Punk
Endoparasites In Placentic Fibras Wounded (Pulmonary Fibrosis Cover)
A Case Of Suicidal Suffocation Simulating Homicide (Instrumental)
Bacteriological Contamination Of Mankind
Necrovorous Feast From Flesh Flies (Sarcophagidae) On Gelatinous Pathologic Wastes
Rotting Aspects Of Life From Political Systems
Responses Of Lucilia Sericata Meigen (Diptera Calliphoridae) To Cadaveric Volatile Organic Compounas
Eosinophilic Gastroenteritis (EG)
Marburg Virus (MARV) – Risk Group 4 Pathogen
A Method For Defleshing Human Remains Using Household Bleach
Complete Dialhyses Of Vital Tissues

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