Track List:

Seeds Of Destruction
Nothing To Lose
Whats The Reason?
S.O.S. (Slaves Of System)
From This Time
Flag Of Truce
Keep (On) Fighting
Many Things To Do
Look At Yourselves

No Way (1989):
This Is Not Your World (Live)
Final Conflict (Live)
Should I Stay Or Should I Go (The Clash Cover)
No Way
A Sound For Gabilla

Live in Dama Xoc, São Paulo/SP, 1988.
Seeds of Destruction
Nothing to Lose
This is Not Your World
What´s The Reason
Intro/Kill by Death (Motorhead cover)
Keep(on) Fighting
Final Conflict

Bonus features:
From This Time (Programa Boca Livre do Kid Vinil 1989)
Let me Live (Teatro Mambembe 1986)
Seeds of Destruction (Santos/SP 1987)
Galeria de Fotos

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