Track List:

Insane Corpse Collector
Mutilated Beyond Recognition
Eaten By Myself
My Love Was Strangulated
Embalmed In Glue
Too Dumb To Die
I Wanna Cut Myself In Two Pieces
Fingers For Dinner
Gurgling Nitric Acid
Grown In A Carcass
Slaughter Your Daughter
Smash their velvet paws
3 Wishes Free – Terror, Chaos, Disorder
Massacre Of The Audience
Extreme Protruded Boils
Moldy Nosh‘s My Favorite Dish
Eliminate A Sheltered Life
Sadistic Self-laceration
My Mom’s A Massmurder
No Grip On Guts
Splatter ‘em All
I Kill, I Hate, I Torture, I Rape
Render Evil For Good
The Smell Of Burnt Flesh
Splutter Your Brain Matter
She Was Buried In Her Teens
Electro-shocked Bodies
Lebendig In Den Tod
Go You Fucker
Scream Your Lungs Out
The Horrible Death Of Romeo & Juliet
Gore Sculptures (1st Take) (Outtake)
Gore Sculptures (2nd Take) (Outtake)
Mutilated Beyond Recognition (Outtake)
Kein Schöner Land (Stosstrupp) (Outtake)
Gutted (Outtake)
Pickaxe In Your Back
Abortion With A Meathook
Crystalized Blood Plasma
High Level Disembowelment
Bitten Off Balls
Gore Overdose
Horst Z. Was A Faggot
Impersonation Of Evil
Implosion Of Bowels
March Of The S.E.D.
Maggots In Me
Splatter Session In The Church
Nice Song
Belt Made Of Nipples
Sewing Your Body To A Decayed Corpse (just To Create Siamese Twins)
Pissing Blood
Guts Casserole
Open Caskets Are Perfect For Shitting In
Roaches In Your Urethra
It Doesn‘t Matter, I Just Splatter
Feeding You With Your Own Entrails
Nice To (b)eat You
Cannibal Recipes To Try Out
Dressed With Your Skin
Fick Die Scheiße
Ed Gein Fan Club
Forced To Chew And Swallow Rusty Razor Blades
Excremential Birth
Hunted And Killed For A Gore Snack
Perverted Greed For Human Flesh
Fisted With A Hedgecutter
Rectally Eviscerated
Maggots In Me
Nice Song
Lack Of Guts
Sewing Your Mouth To Some Fucker‘s Asshole
Deflesh Yourself
Fun At Your Funeral
Excrements In Your Veins
Urethral Massage With A Rough Nail File
Pleased To See You Gutted
Kiss Your Genitals Good-bye
Hunting Season
Fed To The Pigs

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