Track List:

Eating Human Brain Tissue ( Kuru Disease )
Microstomia Treatment
Adipocere Corpse Wax
The Body Turns From Green To Red As The Blood Decomposes
Pustular Eruption
Deadly Obscure Diseases
Catatonic Behavior
Mortuary Tales
TDI – Dissociative Identity Disorder
Liquefactive Necrosis ( Wet Gangrene )

Intro – I Know They Are Coming
Time To Die
Flesh Recomposing Sonic Relief
Start Human Bloodshed
The Sound Of Dripping Gangrene
Taste Of Fresh Ichor
Fine Cuts Of Organic Humans
Necrotizing Soft Tissue Infection
The Act Of Devouring Your Own Innards
Cartilage Sculpture
This Flesh Must Be Consumed
Crawling Of The Worms
Explosion Of Pus
Infected Blood
Your Limbless Body

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