Track List:

When Only Vengeance & Hate Prevails
Pride in Lucifer’s Worshipping
Throne of Skulls
Ritual on the Mountain’s Forest
Marching over the Weak Disgusting One
Blessed by Satan’s Dark Sword
Fullmoon over Profane Souls
Dominus Satanas-Ave Lucifer
As The Oracle Slowly Open “Outro”

Bonus Tracks – Recorded Live 2005:
Pride in Lucifer’s Worshipping “Lucifer Rex” (Live 2005)
When The Shadows Hunt the Night (Live 2005)

Rehearsal – Live in 2003:
When Only Vengeance and Hate Prevails
Ritual on the Mountain’s Forest
Throne of Skulls
Lucifer Rex

Unreleased Tracks:
Sescenti Sexaginta (2005)
Lilith Et Splendor Etius (2005)

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