Track List:

Feasting On Freshly Fermented Female Genital
Lethal Semen Injection
Pusfilled Vaginalcanal
Chewing On Purulent Sordes Of Vaginal Iissue
Gushing Over Fresh Amputated Teats
Embedded On Putrid Chunks From A Decapitated Whore
Slime Stained Gore Miscarriage
Intercourse With A Deboned Corpse
Pus and Blood Was All She Got
Abusing A Slimefilled Rotten Body
Dick Flapped, Head Cracked
Lustfull Grinding Sorefretted Dicks
Abnormal Cervix Extirpation
Choking On Purulent Spunk
Sailing The Seas Of Menstrual Perversitys
Gagging On Dislocated Labium
Snotlubed Pussy Penetrator
Boltgunned To Massextinction
Purulent Thyroid Consumption
Exposed Penile Muscle
Not Dead Yet
Pulsating Blood Bladder
Transmorphed Hemipenis

Peso 0.150 kg
Dimensões 20 × 20 × 5 cm