Track List:

CD 1:
A Victory of Dakini
The Knell
At My Funeral
Ready for the Final War
Weakness Within
Taste Defeat
The Knell
Taste Defeat

CD 2:
Black Metal (Venom cover) (Unreleased)
The Zombie Terror (Far East Gate In Inferno compilation)
The Seven Gates of Hell (Venom cover) (Vinyl Collectors LP)
Carnage (Mayhem cover) (Vinyl Collectors LP)
Weakness Within (Desolation demo)
Desolation of My Mind (Desolation demo)
Mentally Numb (Desolation demo)
Death Throes (Tragedies rough mix)
Sigh (Tragedies rough mix)
Mentally Numb (Tragedies rough mix)
Desolation (Tragedies rough mix)

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