Track List:

Encefalite Herpética
School Girl Pussy Dilacerated By Knife
Maggots Manifestation In Flesh
Aberrações Dos Cromossomos Sexuais
Ovário Podre
Body Remains In Decomposition After A Cannibalistic Ritual
Intestinal Putrefaction
Miiase Escrotal
Total Destruction Of A Necro Clitoris
Pseudomembranous Colitis (Colon Inflamation Caused By An Infection)
Vibrio Vulnificus
Teratoma Sacrococígeo
Encefalopatia Espungiforme Humana
Fetus In Fetus
Gore Infestation In Advanced Maggots Copulation
Aborted Fetuses Marinating In Formaldehyde
Stages Of Tubercular Lymphadenitis
Meatal Ulceration And Stenosis
Anorectal Disfunctions
Tuberculous Limphadenitis Chronic Specific Granulomatous Inflammation Of The Lymph Node With Caseation Necrosis
Faciíte Necrosante
Sodomizing Rotting Bodies In Clandestine Graves

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