Track list:

Gorework (The Suicide Tune)
Gun In Mouth… Brain In The Ceiling… There’s No Healing
Bloodfed Anguish Wrist-Cutting Desperation
Agonizing Terror And Desolation Leading To A Messy Self-Extermination
Mugging And Gunning Down Your Enemies Then Ending Your Life With Victory Strife
Masochist Way To Brutally Consummate Aberrant Suicidal Solution
Psychotic Self-Destruction In A Maniac-Depressive Grief Abruption
Outcast And Lowlife… A Vindictive Massacre And Self-Destruction Alive
Schizo-Affective Gory Seppuku
Thou Shalt Be Slaughtered By Own Hands
Cut-Throat Slashing Own-Murdering Euphoria
A Rejected From Society Found Hanged In A Spectacle Of Rotting Flesh
Eaten Alive By Disgust And Distress Made Me Shoot Right In The Chest
Self-Loathing Gunshot Innards Shattering
Auto-Chainsaw Gutting Insanity (Intro) / Depression And Frustration Drives Me To Suicide Consummation
Self-Loathing Gunshot Innards Shattering (Sorrowfilled Disturbing World Of Pain)
Bloodfed Anguish Wrist-Cutting Desperation

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