Track List:

Lowlife (Cryptic Slaughter)
Face Down in the Dirt (Offenders)
Devastation (Devastation)
Messiah (Hellhammer)
Victims of a Bomb Raid (Anti Cimex)
Fright Night (Wehrmacht)
War s No Fairytale (Discharge)
Conform (Siege)
Master (Master)
Fire Death Fate (Insanity)
Riot of Violence (Kreator)
Game of the Arseholes (Anti Cimex)
Glangor of War (Massacre)
Dope Fiend (Attitude Adjustment)
I m Tired (Die Kreuzen)
Troops of Doom (Sepultura)
Bedtime Story (Dayglo Abortions)
Blind Justice (Agnostic Front)
Hate, Fear and Power (Hirax)

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Dimensões 20 × 20 × 5 cm