Track list:

Lado A:
Aleister Crowley And Ordo Templi Orientis
An Elizabethan Devil Worshipper’s Prayer Book

Lado B:
The Sign Of The Unholy Cross
Caerimonia Sanguilentu (Goetia)

Disco 2
Lado A:
The Realm Of Antichristus
The True Story About The Doctor Faust’s Pact With Mephistopheles
Cursed Excruciation / The Sinuous Serpent Of Genesis (Leviathan)

Lado B:
The Baphometic Goat Of Knights Templar In The 12th Century
T.E.A.R. (The Evil Ascension Returns):
The Cult (Intro) / The Ancient Prediction (My Eternal Nightmare)
The Sign Of The Unholy Cross / The Cult Continues (Outro)

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