Track list:

CD 1:
Stay Clean
(I Won’t) Pay Your Price
I’ll Be Your Sister
No Class
Damage Case
Tear Ya Down
Limb from Limb

CD 2:
Louie Louie (Richard Berry Cover, Single A-Side)
Louie Louie (Richard Berry Cover, Alternative Version)
Louie Louie (Richard Berry Cover, Alternative Version)
Tear Ya Down (B-Side Single, ‘Louie, Louie’)
Tear Ya Down (Alternative Version)
Tear Ya Down (Instrumental Version)
Too Late Too Late (B-Side Single ‘Overkill’)
Like a Nightmare (B-Side Single ‘No Class’)
Like a Nightmare (Alternative Version)
Louie Louie (BBC John Peel Session ’78)
I’ll Be Your Sister (BBC John Peel Session ’78)
Tear Ya Down (BBC John Peel Session ’78)
Stay Clean (BBC In Concert ’79)
No Class (BBC In Concert ’79)
I’ll Be Your Sister (BBC In Concert ’79)
Too Late, Too Late (BBC In Concert ’79)
(I Won’t) Pay Your Price (BBC In Concert ’79)
Capricorn (BBC In Concert ’79)
Limb from Limb (BBC In Concert ’79)

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