Track List:

Far Beyond The Clinical Horizon… Pathological Paroxysm
Causa Mortis: Transarterial Chemoembolization
T-Shaped – The “Bucket-handle” Thoraco-Abdominal Incision
Virchow’s “Organ-By-Organ” Dissection Display
Embalming Praxis – The Anti-putrefaction Procedures
Butyric Fermentation And Putrescent Liquefaction
Grave Wax / Mortuary Fat
Cadaveric Entomofauna, Post-mortem Interval And Death’s Time Determination – Chronological Progression Of The Putrescence Phenomena Mégnin’s Decomposer Squad – The Eight Toilers Of The Dead
— Entr’Acte – Morbid Anatomy Of Baillie —
Extent Of The Primary Incision: From Symphysis Menti To Symphysis Pubis
Unveiled: The Mortified Visceral Puzzle Pieces
Pustule Eradication In Fits Of Insanity
Scorched By The Acids Of A Gastro-Intestinal Inferno
A Psychologically Vomitous Episode Involving Uncontrollable Hemorrhage
Shedding Of Necrotizing Cells (Pustule Eradication In Fits Of Insanity – Part 2)

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