Track List:

Intestinal Disgorge:
Mildew And Maggots
All Night Killing Spree
Sizzling Bitch Meat
Post Mortal Self Digestion
Rape Fantasies
Keep Your Distance Bitch
Improv Shit Theatre
A Butchered Human Carcass
Kill Yourself Bitch
Unspeakable Crimes
Watching You Undress
I Will Find You Bitch
Flash Fried Bitch Giblets
Dismembered In The Bath Tub
Buried Under My House
Splattered Remnants
Gangrene Infestation

Be Quiet, You Wake The Neighbours (You Stupid Bitch)
Gagball Symphony
Exploding Juice Cancerous Guts
Get Your Plastic Surgery, Bitch!
Paranoia Is Fucking Me Up
Oral Defecation
Not Provocation .Hate!
Dumb Cunt (Epic Discrimination)

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