Track List:

Rectum Grinder
Plastered In Runny Filth
Toilet Intercourse
Bathing In Fecal Bathwater
Corrosion Of Green Anal Walls
Gastrointestinal Splatter Spray
Gorging On Fizzing Malignant Entrails
Imbibing Rancid Micturation
Intestinal Collapse And Melting
Extensive Obliteration Of The Rectal Orifice
Eploding Juice Cancerous Guts
Caked In Grimy Rectal Filth
Vomiting Rancid Grime
Sleeping In Grime-soaked Bedsheets
Swimming In Child Innards
Torrents Of Disgusting Festering Purulency
Trembling In Torrents Of Diarrhea
Life Story Of A Coprophagiac
Soaking Wet With Urination
Disemboweled And Deliciously Barbecued
Foaming Genital Corpulence
Colonic Eruption
Butchered Rotting Human Carcasses
Soaked With Intestinal Chyme
Cascade Of Gastrointestinal Crap
Bloody Feces Syndrome
Vomiting Fecal Paste
Face Down In A Toilet Full Of Vomit And Feces
Pictures Of Blistered Genitalia

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