Track List:

”Well, What Do You Think? It’s Been 15 Years…”
I Work For The Street Cleaner
”This Is An Old One… But Aren’t They All?”
Revenge Of The Scabby Man
”…Did You Feel Ill Afterwards?”
Staph Terrorist 3:56
”This Is Another Love Song We Wrote…”
Bloody Pit Of Horror 1:34
”I Want To Introduce Another Friend Of Mine…”
Defiling The Grave
”OK This One’s Gonna Be Interesting…”
Breakfast At The Manchester Morgue
”Some Things Are Different Now Than They Were 20 Years Ago…”
Dear Uncle Creepy / Trap Them And Kill Them
”I Want To Introduce Another Sick Son Of A Bitch…”
“Ah, Time Is Getting Away From Us…”
”The Cadillac Of Worms…”
Red Wigglers

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