Track List:

Tearing Her Precious Face With A Deep Feeling Of Hatred
Agressively Crushing The Skull Into Cold Cement
A Clear Motivation To Erase Everything That Breathes
Disarray Of Human Corruption
Brutally Torturing The Body With Badges Of Fury
A Lucid Expression Of Hate
Dismembered By A Train
Defleshed By Flies (LDOH)
Sewing Up The Abdominal Rupture For The Successive Acts Of Degradation (LDOH)
Massive Weapons Against The Shit Of Mankind
Ripping Apart Her Genitals _feat. Alex Mamontov_
Clinical Hydropsies _feat. SCVM_
The End Of Horrid Barbarities
Decimation Of Mortal Lineage
Fecalized Facial Turbulence
Gently Dismembering Desolated Artifacts

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