Track List:

B.D.O.G (live)
Bellum Contra Humanitagem (live)
Bloody Battles (live)
Dunkel Himmel (live)
Effects Of Radiation On Humans (live)
Extremely High Doses (live)
Mutual Assured Destruction (M.A.D.)(live)
Nuclear Proliferation (live)
R.I.O.D.O. (live)
Strategic Anti-Life Bomber (live)
The Largest Stockpiles Of Weapons (live)
Jesus Coward
Psychopatic Anal Terror
Eht Tsorow Sdrow
Celebrating The Revenge Of All The Times (single 2005)
Final Attomic Battle (Raw Version)
Master Blaster (Raw Version)
The Hollow Man (Raw Version)
Hallucinatory Sirens (Raw Version)

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