Track list:

Cold Gangrene
Putrescine (The Germ)
700 Autopsies
Cadaveric Saponification
Ruptured Carcinoma of Ascending Colon
Rectal Prolapse and Hemorroidal Collapse
Flesh Grinder
T.B.N.C.I.H. – Necroconsume
Ritual Removal of the Clitoris
C.C.C.T. (Close Cranio Cerebral Trauma)
Use an Enteratoma In a Blue Vulva
Blood, Pus, and Gastric Juice (Pungent Stench cover)
Four Decades of Gore
Act I: Shi
Act II: Zombie Flesheater
Act III: Antropophagus
Act IV: Terror Brazilis

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