Track List:

CD 1 – Recomposition:
I Breathe Death
Necrolatry (Risen From The Grave)
Mouth-To-Mouth Vomiting
Wonderful Worms
Rotting Under Goregeous Autumn Colors
Romantic Regurgitation Of Excrements
Maggot Infested Corpse

CD 2 – Demo I:
A Writhing Mass Of Flesh-Eating Maggots
Necropsy (Buried But Resurrected)
Dismembered And Devoured
Demo II:
Carunculae Under Skin
Palpation Of The Disscted
Demo III:
Life Among Tears And Clouds
In Gorgeous Autumn Colors
Wonderful World
Rehearsal ’90:
Born In A Casket
Cadaver’s Vomit
Gastrointestinal Haemorrage
Putrified Corpses
Ready To Die
Live ’91:
Snorting Bile
Your Bones Around My Neck
Entagled In Entrails
Stiff, Swollen And Blue
Ready To Die
Hacked Into Pieces

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