Track List:

I – Opening
II – The Pact (Hermetic Circle of the Black Moon and the Golden Age)
III – The Stela (The Immaculate Skin of a Scarlet Queen, Isis)
IV – Death (A Reliquary, a Cameo, a Drop of Blood and a Bottle of Ambar!)
V – The Invocation (On the Mystical Stones a Perfect Night in the Darkness)
VI – Sacrifice (The Dagger, the Table and the Blood of the Lightborn Dripping on the Ivory)
VII – The Mass (The Black Consecration of the Five Glories Cult)

Disc 2
VIII – The Orgy (Copulation in the Temple of the Great Black Goat That Completes a Cycle of Existence)
IX – Regere Sinister (Instrvmentvm Mortis… Sangvinem, Ferro, Candelabrvm, lvcernas, Altare)
X – The Altar (The Blood of the Mortal, the Idol in Its Triumphal Splendor and the Shroud)
XI – The Athame (Only Those Who Watch in Delirium, Found the Way He Walks)
XII – The Astral Sun’s Light (The Revelation of the One Who Carries the Incandescent Beam of Light)
XIII – The Consecration (To the Dead in the Darkness, to the Blind, to the Blindfold and to the Virgin His Own Vaginal Blood)
XIV – Reqviem (Naberivs’ Area)

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