Track list:

Intro – Twilight in the Temple of God Baphomet
Ignis Mallus – A Tale of Lullabyes
Isis-Urania Agreed at Zahoris Pendvlvm Spin Her Ring on the
Tale of the Star Order and Advertise the Neo-Aeon
The Malleficent Witchcraft of Circe That in the Shadows
Transform Men into Animals
The Lilith Phasis Cult- Goddess of the Moon
The Mortal in the Valley of the Beltion of Fire and the
Mystic Sword of Archanvn Baal Iblis at Regency of the
Movntain Poet… The Great Magician! (Mvsickantiga il Troto)
Rex Infernvs Trilogy- O Impetvoso Rei da Lascivia
Rex Infernvs Trilogy- New Rites on the Mysterie’s
Temple of Elevsis, a Nest of Serpent’s Wings (atto II)
Rex Infernvs Trilogy- Dogmatic Rites of High Magick in the
Elevsics Filds, the Aradia… (attoI III)
The Last Dance of Nymphs on the Fovntain of Thelemas Garden

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