Track List:

Decomposing Serenity – Decaying Priest Under My Bed:
Digging Up My Meat Doll
I Out Of Ideas
Sunny Rays, Summer Days
Pulling Feathers
Tasting The Saliva
Carve You To Extract The Demon
Bloody Snot Bubbles
Halfway Down The Stairs
Smelly Baby Candles
Disrupted Flow Of Plasma
Perfect Storm Of Fireflies

PROCTALGIA – Decay, Vile & Torment:
Catastrophic Perversion Of The Disease
Flagrance Of The Butchered Orchiectomy
Force Grotesque Disembowelment
Devitalized The Contaminated Tissue
Bouqet Of Guts And Gore
Display Of Malignant Organs Carved Ruthlessly
A Pleasure To Desquamate Exposed With Retched Contents
Supremacy Maggot Repungance
Exterpaing The Human Aversion
Detachment Of Womb Excreted With Waste
Supression Of Muscular Movement Caused By Malignant Gangrenous
Fetal Mutilation Place In The Roots Of Torment

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Dimensões 20 × 20 × 5 cm