Track List:

Decomposing Serenity -Scatter The Flowers On Her Mutilated Torso:
Scatter The Flowers On Her Mutilated Torso
Tuck The Bodies In Before You Sleep
Women’s Severed Feet
Mangled Creatures Of Mine In Red
Display Of Noses In My Coffin
Scatter The Flowers On Her Mutilated Torso
Horror Tunes For Dying Children
Loving Her Neck Stump
Dissected Neck Around My Bed
Bodies Dissected Over Supper
Voices In My Head, Organs In My Mouth
Rejoice As I Gouge My Eyeballs
Candles For Little Girls Who Like Corpses
Today We’ll Paint With Emily’s Blood
This Band-Aid Is Too Small For My Cut
I Love Consuming The Body While The Ghost Haunts Me
Turn Her Head Around And Chew Off Her Lips
Pose The Deceased For His Family
I Perform For The Decayed

Microphallus – A Tribute To The Lives I’ve Taken:
Stabbing My Way To Ecstasy
Snuff High
Dark Stains Of A Sociopathic Rage
Stimulating Scents Of A Week Old Victim
Making My Living Through Mass Carnage
Lives End, Corpses Are Kept
Beauty Enhanced By Necrosis
Basic Torture Procedure
Foul Feculent Floorboard Cadavers
Murder Without Motive
Flayed Faces
Arousing Epileptic Froth
Acidic Secretions
Trophies From The Womb
Chase Had Great Taste
The Eroticism Of Her Wounds
Far Beyond The Flesh
A Tribute To The Lives I’ve Taken

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