Track list:

Emanations from Repulsive Wide Sores
Gutted and Burned Alive
Jurisprudence of Carnage
The Final Rest
Drowning Hypoxemia
Beheading and Quartering
Academic Degree of Putrefaction
Generalized Hypoxia
Suppurated Turgescent Necrosis (Cauterization)
Hypovolemic Shock
Emanations from Repulsive Wide Sores (Reh. DT 1994)
Gastric and Enteric Ulcerations (Reh. DT 1994)
Cadaveric Dissection (Reh. DT 1994)
Necrophagy in Truncated Putrescence (Reh. DT 1994)
Suppurated Turgescent Necrosis (Reh. DT 1994)
Sclerosis of Arterial Tunics (Reh. DT 1994)
Damages of Bacteriological Bloodshed (Reh. DT 1994)
Virulent Acid’s Vomit (Reh. DT 1994)
Ruptured Organic Rottenness (Reh. DT 1994)
Outro (Reh. DT 1994)
Festering Tumours of Cancerous Decay (Reh. DT 1993)
Digested Stroke by Worms (Reh. DT 1993)
Torn to Pieces (Reh. DT 1993)
Detriments of Terminal Illness (Reh. DT 1993)
Decomposed Stuff (Reh. DT 1993)
Virulent Acid´s Vomit (Reh. DT 1993)
Infestations (Reh. DT 1993)

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