Track List:

Paradise Of Rotten Corpses
I Want To Destroy Your Face
Cut The Head Off
Raging Malevolence
The Meaning Of Self Hatred
Social Enmity
Carnal Trash
Human Body Mutilation
Slaughter Of Whores
Gore Torment
Unleashed Inside Killer
Blood In Your Mouth
Body Full Of Shit
Vulva Fermentation
Facial Disgust Into Excrements (Autophagia cover)
Kidnapped, Raped And Finally Murdered
Room Full Of Blood And Guts
Sick Minds
Lethal Open Wounds
Entering Into Oblivion (Instrumental)
Bitch Got What She Deserved
Chopped To Death
Demo 1
Demo 2
Demo 3
Demo 4
Extreme Torture Procedure
Kill Your Friends
Mass Suicide
Psychological Destruction
Rapid Decline (Active Stenosis cover)
Run Away
Vile Mind Controller
Intro (Into The Depths Of Torment)
Destroy Everything
Putrified Organs
Fuck You And Your Stupid Face
Desperate Need To Kill
Self Dismemberment (Autophagia cover)
Hung On The Colon
Purulent Eruption In Spetic Gore
The Smell Of Burned Corpses In A Cellar During An Injection Heroin
Caught Guts To Proscribe On The Asphalt Blood
The Blown-Up Intestine With Rectal Allocation
Submissive Convulsion Liquidized Disgorgement
Intro (Mentis Timore)
Loss Of Composure
Gore Torment
Body Full Of Shit
Severe Head Laceration
Mankind Extermination
City Of Betrayers
Drowned In Wax
Genitalia Impairment
Knee Deep In Shit (Extreme Noise Terror)
Fuck Society
Irrational Fear
Intro (Lost In Tenebris)
Abhorrent Rage
Intro (Abyss Carnage)
Demised Waste
Infinite Devastation
Facial Trauma
Bacterial Vaginosis
Dysphoric Disorder
Sadistic Mysoginistic Killer

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