Track List:

Lost Reek Session ? 87 ? 88 ?
Maggot Colony
Carbonized Eyesockets
Vomited Anal Tract
Manifestation Of Verrucose Uretra
Pungent Excruciation
Microwaved Uterogestation
Fermenting Innards

Symphonies Of Sickness Demo:
Reek Of Putrefaction
Slash Dementia
Embryonic Necropsy And Devourment
Cadaveric Incubator Of Endoparasites
Ruptured In Purulence

Flesh Ripping Sonic Torment Demo:
Genital Grinder
Regurgitation Of Giblets
Limb From Limb
Rotten To The Gore
Excreted Alive
Malignant Defecation
Fermenting Innard
Necro-cannibal Bloodfeast
Die In Pain
Pungent Excruciation
Face Meltaaargh

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