Track List:

“Emetological Gore Splatter Molynsis” – Split CD With Maggot 2006:
Artery Thrombosis With Coprana
Burnt Body Dysosmia
After Mutilation… The Beginning Of Sepsis
Hunged From Genitals
Radienergia Metadosis
Saprogenic Bowel Infection
Pneunomas Gangrena
Larynx Anathymiasis Emetoptysis

“Mutilate Your Enemy” – Mini Album 2005:
Sodomized Scum
Bath In Animal Shit
Gore Lyssa
Bestial Vulva Deformity
Psophymi Melynsis With Panucla
Abnormal Paramorrphose Of Engephalles
Face Catastrophe
Gangrenous Chirurgical Akrotiriasmos
Man’s Hate Bio-Hazard (Cover Sore Throat)
Necrophilia On The Dissecting Table
Rancid Phlegm On Esophago
Destroy Music
“Amorphus Ptoma On Decay” – Split CD With Oxidised Razor 2004:
Fear Of Tumor
Slow Down And Throw Your Bowels Out
Inside Your Larynx… My Fingers
Never Vomit In My Mouth
Symptom Of Anagula
Human Flesh Regurgitation
Anal Dread Stench (Gore Beyond Necropsy Cover)
Phymatiosis Diagnosis
Stomach Full With Excrements
Members Cutted To Pieces
Enema Urethra
Trapped Into The Depths Of Scatology
“Split Tape With Scatologic Madness Possession” 2004:
Syringa Necrose Your Cerebral With Psychopharmaka
Aroma Of Ptomain… Bodies In Decomposition
Fleshfeast (Regurgitate Cover)
Severe Necrose Of The Face (Regurgitate Cover)
Faggot Colony (Gut Cover)
Pussy Grinder (Gut Cover)
Disgorgement Of Clotted Mucus
Emetos Copranoides
Human Piece Of Shit
An Accident Destroyed My Face
Ritual Hate (Warsore Cover)
No Will To Change (Rot Cover)
Catch As – Catch Can (Rot Cover)
Disgusting Mines (Unholy Grave Cover)
“Postmortem Human Offal” – CD 2003:
Screaming With Shit In Mouth
Dexterous Mutilation Of Pneumothorax
Asphyxized With Entrails On His Neck
Black Pus
Postmortem Human Offal
Vomit Yourself
Self Disembowelment
Liquid Puke From The Nose
Remove The Organs Through The Mouth
Genitals On My Face
Obey To Get Independence (Filthy Christians Cover)
Cut My Throat
Mayhemic Abortion Of A Pregnant Carrion
Laryngas Aimorrhagia
Congenital Tympanum Catastrophe
Purulent Pollution Of Eczema
Miasma Cadaver
Intestinal Massaker From The Rectum
Asepsiophago Thanatosis
Anal Psoriasis
Third World Genocide (Extreme Noise Terror Cover)
Spastic Gore Grind
“4 Way Split CD With: Lymphatic Phlegm / Feculent Goretomb / Ulcerrhoe” – 2002:
Facial Disgust Into Excrements
Visceras Regurgitation… Through Stoma
Pathological Homoamputation
Purulent Pollution Of Eczema
Hospital Necrobiosis
Horrible Excruciation Of The Neck
Coprophagical Dysenteria
Cancerous Tumour Metastasis
An Orgy Of Flying Limbs And Gore (General Surgery)
“Bizarre Vinyls” – Compilation CD 2000:
Choleras Infection
Asepsiophago Thanatosis
Carnal Corrosion Of Genital Organs
Stonatic Bronchus Shutted
Skeletical Paralysis From A Gangrenous Abscess
Emetic Diarrhoea
“Split Tape With Neuropathia” – 1998:
Last Hope Of Life / Anatomical Septicemia / Without Pulsation / Torrential Aimoptysi / Excuriated Human Integument / Organic Separation / Tumour Ulcerous / Amputator / Stench Ptomain / Brain Ulceration / Regurgitation / Carcinoma / Idiopathic Colitis Ulcerosa (Malignant Tumour Cover)
“Split Tape With Cadaverous Suppuration” – 1999:
epulsive Metamorphose / Genital Symptom Of Inner Putrefaction / Purulent Discharge / Last Hope Of Life / Encephalic Transmutation / Without Pulsation / Total Erosion / Dismembered Arteria / Spoiled Pus / Anatomical Septicemia / Carcinoma / Lepra

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