Track List:

Dublûk Ub Ûr
Kruk Dak Drakk Kâ Dúl
Zzog Dra Kra Tûll
Khazad Dûm Ratikadûll
Kruk Sûl Dùr
The Journey
Ash Nazg
Inside The Mountain… I Am The King
The Mitril Palace
Tale Of The Great Valley`s Invasion
Just Death Around
Ainur Winds
The Journey
The Old Forest
Into The Cave With Gollum
The First Night Alone In The Forest
Fell The Heavy Energy Of Here
Intro: Ash Nazg Durbatulûk
Amon Sûl
Zzog Dra Kra Tûll (Demo Tape Version)
Outro: Ash Nazg..
Lost In The Troll`s Cave – Hell Is Repetition
Zzog Dra Kra Tûll (First Rehearsal Version)

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