Track List:

Madness Is The Beginning!!! 1:43
Suppurative Necro-Parotitis In My Dying Little Girlfriend
Esophagus Obstructed By Loneliness And Purulent Fecal Matter
Meat-Eaters Bacterial Among Corpses With Pus And Wound Discharge
Sucking The Abscess And Savoring Of The Necrotic Material
Parapharyngeal Total Infection With Brutal Tissue Acidosis
Curiosity And Paranoia Killed Irrationally The Screaming Cat
Chronic Clogged Pulmonary Disease & Sado-Brutish Sputum
I Hear Voices In My Head, Please Leave Me Alone With My Dark Thoughts
Acute Exacerbations Of Asthma Mixed Mucus And Purulent Components Gingival Fungemia In Dentine Tubes Implanted Subcutaneously
No One’ll Take My Embalmed Doll Away From Me Or I’ll Kill Them
Necrotizing Gross Myonecrosis With Conspciously Suppuration Our Love’ll Last Forever Because True Love Never Dies… Even In Decay
Intense Paracortical Immunoblastic Carcinogenic Hyperplasaia Uncontrollable Complication With Unknown Cannibal-Pathogenic Agent Past The Point Of No Return, Chase That Rabbit Down The Hole Now I’m Really Alone With My Mental Demons That Won’t Sleep Bring Peace In The Coffin / You Shouldn’t Have Come Here Beyond The Darkness Of The Brightest Gore
Outro By Midnight Church

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