Track List:

Subsconscious Terror:

Intro – Portal to Your Phobias
Subconscious Terror
Artefacted Irreligion
Grizzled Finale
Eternal Eclipse
Experimental Stage
Suspended Animation
Divine Ultimatum
Spit Forth the Dead
Confess All Goodness
Bonus Tracks:
Foetus Noose
Forged in Fire (Anvil Cover)
Dark Is the Season
Jumping at Shadows
Experimental Stage

The Grand Leveller:

Vision in the Shroud
Jumping at Shadows
Opulence of the Absolute
Child of Sin
Undirected Aggression
Born in a Fever
The Grand Leveller
Senile Dementia
Return to the Eve
Bonus Tracks:
The Grotesque
Ashen Epitaph

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